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Give a Child the Gift of Hope

I love the holiday season for all the fond family memories it contains and has yet to create.

Unfortunately not everyone looks upon this time of year quite the same way. In fact, this can be a particularly challenging time for struggling families and hurting children. What if your family isn't so happy? Worse yet, what if you are a child and you're living with strangers? Everywhere you turn you are inundated with messages of happy families. Nothing like rubbing salt in a wound.

Although foster care is often an essential step in helping abused and neglected children, it is a miserable thing to be apart from the people you love while you wait indefinite periods of time- hoping things will get better soon.

Actually, indefinite is a pretty good descriptor for the state these kids live in. It's pretty hard for them to count on anything because their life is so unpredictable. Nothing can take away the sense of loss this period can bring.

There is hope! When a child has a CASA advocate they have someone they can depend on. This person will stay with them while they remain in foster care- that alone can help build stability for a child. If they need to change homes, or schools, or social workers, yet again, they can count on their CASA being the same one they met at the beginning of this journey. That's huge!

If you support CASA you are part of this stabilizing and healing force. You don't have to become an advocate to make a difference for these children! The great thing is that there are so many ways to be involved, meet their needs and bring moments of joy into their lives. You can donate, volunteer with special events, or give gift cards to use for foster children's needs throughout the year. ~by Jamie Campbell