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Lincoln CASA Update

News From Lincoln County CASA

I hope that all of our Lincoln County CASAs are caring for themselves and taking the necessary precautions during these challenging times.  As indicated in an e-mail distributed last week, you are not required to see your child in person at this time due to the COVID-19 virus.  That being said, please establish a form of communication with your child that works for both of you and the child.  Some suggestions would include texting, video conferencing, phone calls, and/or writing letters and cards to them.  Some video conferencing options include but are not limited to FaceTime, Skype, and Messenger Kids on Facebook.  If you need help with learning more about these video conferencing options, please contact Sean Carlin to assist you in learning more about these and other options.  If you are dealing with an infant these video conferencing options won’t really work due to the child’s age, but please still check in with their care provider on at least a monthly basis to ensure the child’s well-being.  

CASA 101 training for new CASA volunteers was set to begin the week of April 6th, but due to the current circumstances with COVID-19 we will postponing training and offering the training via Zoom web conferencing.  Date and time will be determined in the near future.  If you have any friends or family members in the Lincoln County area that are interested in becoming a CASA/GAL, please have them contact Sean Carlin at  

One last note, don’t forget you need 12 hours of continuing education this year to keep up with National CASA standards.  With that being said, I will be webcasting a four part series on Substance Abuse that National CASA has provided for our use.  

Part 1 Substance Abuse: An Introduction to Substance Abuse as a Disorder will be offered two times through Zoom video conferencing.  You will receive one hour of continuing education credit for each part of this training you attend.  The first opportunity will be Wednesday April 8th from noon to 1pm or Wednesday April 15th from 6pm to 7pm.  Just e-mail me what time you would like to sign up for and I will send you a link that will get you into the meeting.  

Part 2 Substance Abuse: A Family-Centered Approach to Understanding Impact will be offered on April 22nd from 11am to noon or May 6th from 6pm to 7pm.  Again, let me know which of these times works best and I will get you signed up.  You can then participate via your phone, tablet, or computer with the appropriate Zoom link that will be sent to you once you register.  

Part 3 of the Substance Abuse series will get rolled out late June and early July, and Part 4 will be announced at a later time.

Thanks again for all that you do and keep yourself safe during these challenging times. 


2019 in Review

  • 77 children were in foster care during 2019.

  • 37 new cases of abuse/neglect were filed in 2019.

  • Lincoln County CASA served 33 children in our first year (April 2019 – December 2019) – 22 of those children were served directly by 10 CASAs, with the other 11 being monitored by staff.

  • Lincoln County has averaged 30 new children entering foster care each year.

  • CASA is currently serving 23 children. Our goal is to train a class of 15 volunteers this spring in order to meet the growing need.

  • In 2019, children we worked with had the following outcomes: 3 children reunified with their parents, 1 child adopted, 2 children found permanency through a guardianship, and 2 children aged out of foster care.

  • 85% of the cases handled in 2019 were a direct result of drug/alcohol abuse, 12% were direct result of abuse, and 3% as a direct result of mental health.