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Feeling Lucky?

Why I Give

I am lucky. I was born into a family of two loving parents. I was born into a cycle of love. I am lucky. I was born into a world made safe by the adults that surrounded me. Adults who had already loved and nurtured me for 9 months before I emerged into the world. I know that not all children are as lucky as I am. Some children are born into a cycle of abuse. Some children are born to parents with addictions. Some children live in a world that is not safe.

Because I am lucky I give some of every day to helping children who are not lucky. Today I serve on the Board of Trustees for CASA for Kids. Our Board raises funds and awareness of our mission to provide a voice in court for unlucky children who live in a world of abuse and neglect. Right now our program is serving 211 children in Flathead County who have suffered abuse and neglect and experience the word as an unsafe place. Our program recruits, trains and supports community volunteers who voice what is best for these unlucky children. CASA for Kids is always looking for lucky people who want to help unlucky children. If you are lucky, explore our website for ways you can give.