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Foster Club is a fun, interactive site for youth in foster care:
There is also a great spot to download pages for life books at this site.

Casey Family Youth Services

Homework Help

High school Ace is a great place to go if you need a resource to help a young person with homework. They also have many fun and educational games. They can be found at:

Kid Grid organized by topics, this site has something on any topic a young person might be studying. It is particularly good for in-depth research on specific topics.

Discovery Education has something for every child from K-12 organized quite nicely by school subject: 

Homework Help is not as flashy as the above sites, but still contains an excellent site of links

Homework Helper is another site of links, organized by both grade (1st through college) and topic.

Youth organizations

Are you looking for a fun, positive way to facilitate healthy peer relationships? Why don’t you check the following youth organizations:

4-H Clubs of America

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Boy Scouts (US Scouts is also an excellent link that provides ideas for games and activities along with general info about scouting:

Girl Scouts

Camp Fire USA

Fun Internet Sites

Fun Brain is an interactive website with activities of all types for kids in grades K-8. Kids can find games and stories in a bright flashy format with lots of kid appeal.

KidGrid is a wonderful resource tool for locating safe, kid-friendly websites on any topic under the sun that a kid might be interested in. For example I happen to have a child that loves science. She can click on the science tab and pull up 44 popular science sites, or she could select from a much larger selection organized by specific topics – such as animals, weather, etc… We have used this site for years and never tire of it.

Outdoor activities for kids!

Stuff to do with Kids

Jan Brett has one of my favorite web sites for take-a-long activities. Just choose one of her 4,208 pages of free activities, coloring pages, and projects, print it, grab some art supplies and you have a great way to spend some creative time:

Contrary to popular opinion, Paper Dolls¸ have never really gone out of style. Now it is easier than ever to find good paper dolls by doing a simple internet search for free, printable, paper dolls. I always use card stock for the doll body, but plain old paper works fine for the clothes. Billy Bear 4 Kids has a large selection of links for paper dolls that even includes a paper doll house toward the bottom of the page: An unusual watercolor paper doll is Clarence the Cat, complete with historical outfits:

"Ultimate Guide to Crafting with Kids"

Do you enjoy Arts and Crafts, but are at a loss what to do with a certain age group – or just need some new ideas? Check out the following websites for a fresh idea: Crayola has a website with a neat little search engine that allows you to search for an idea based on a theme, a Crayola product, or a type of craft: site that has a large quantity of projects is:

Games A good source for games that kids enjoy, as well as many activity ideas and even recipes for craft materials is found at the FunAttic: A simple search will lead you to myriads of online computer games for kids, so I am not even going to offer a suggestion, there is just too much choice. Portable game ideas that are often good choices and easy to carry are things like a deck of cards, a cribbage board, a bag of marbles, pick up sticks, barrel of monkeys, a Frisbee. Other kids like puzzles, word games, Sudoku, etc… any of these would be a good choice as long as you could work on the puzzle or game in an interactive way. Mad Libs are also a good choice for kids who like to get silly.