What is CASA?

Court Appointed Special Advocates® (CASA) are community volunteers, just like you, who stand up and speak out to help abused and neglected children.

CASA for Kids advocates for abused and neglected children with 100 advocates serving 304 children in Flathead County through providing a voice, healing the hurt, and breaking the cycle.


The need is growing. More and more children are entering the foster care system every year. Last year CASA for Kids served 304 children - that's a 33% increase since 2014. This year we have already added 82 new foster children to our list of ongoing cases!

We need the means to recruit, train, and support advocates to serve the foster children in our community. We need your support!

Making a Difference

Carol McElwain (a Court Appointed Special Advocate) became the "one constant" for Shyanne, her CASA kiddo, as a friend, mentor and advocate. Shyanne could count on Carol's consistent presence and compassion as she navigated foster care and all that comes with it. Carol was able to advocate for Shyanne both in and out of the courtroom to ensure that Shyanne's best interest, wellbeing, and wishes were made known to the judge. 

Shyanne is an adult now, a mother of two, and currently working at Sunburst Mental Health and going to Flathead Valley Community College. Shyanne was inspired by Carol to pursue a career in Licensed Addiction Counseling and Social Work. Shyanne wants to help others the way Carol was able to help her - giving her a voice and letting her know that she was not alone in the process. Shaynne and Carol still keep in touch to this day.

The children in our community need your voice. They need someone to stand up for their rights and help them find the safe and loving home they deserve.

News & Events

The Great Fish Award for the 2019 Great Fish Community Challenge went to CASA for Kids!

Thanks to our generous supporters and the Whitefish Community Foundation's Match Grant, we exceeded our goal, raising $125,772!

When Superheroes team up to help others there’s nothing they can’t accomplish. The Avengers, the Justice League and the Guardians of the Galaxy have saved the world time and again from both domestic and galactic threats.
CASA Superheroes are not alone as they work to advocate for abused and neglected children. They are part of a team. CASA staff, coaches, board members, donors and supporters team up with the CASA to help them fulfill their mission of giving the children they serve a voice.