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Difference between State and Local CASA

There has been some confusion about CASA of Montana ('State CASA') and local CASA offices like CASA for Kids, Inc. of Flathead County ('Flathead CASA'). We would like to assure you that Flathead CASA is alive and well.

Flathead CASA is an independent 501(c)3. We have our own governing board. We are responsible for funding our organization. We are responsible for the recruitment, training and support of advocates who serve abused and neglected children in our community.

State CASA is a different independent organization with an office in Helena. Its role is quite different from the role of the local CASA offices. State CASA offices can support new local programs with their start-up, train new local program directors, and help local programs create a stronger, cohesive statewide voice when working with policy-makers and stakeholders. However, the State CASA does not impact Flathead CASA's funding or governance.

Thank you for your continued support of Flathead CASA. We look forward to continuing to serve the abused and neglected children in our community for many years to come.