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Young Visionaries

January kicks off the New Year with new hopes and dreams, new opportunities, new challenges, and new doors to be opened…. and as Milton Berle once said, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!”
That’s exactly what some of our local students are doing! They are striving to be their best and do their best. They are building doors of opportunities and they are making a difference. They are tomorrows leaders, but they are amongst today’s CASA Superheroes.
Meet 14-year-old Taylor Gray. Taylor learned about CASA when her mother, Jodi, became an advocate and knew that she wanted to make a difference herself. Taylor has always donated a percentage of her allowance to charity or a cause dear to her heart. When she learned about a CASA kiddo who wanted guitar lessons, Taylor told her mom that this is where she wanted her "donate money" to go. From all of us at CASA to Taylor, we thank you for making a difference in the life of an abused and neglected child!
Philanthropy has been a way of life for 6th grade students, Emma Anderson and Lacey Cole-Tinkham These young ladies from Stillwater Christian School held a bake sale last Valentine's Day and raised $280.00. The girls put the money into an account and shortly before Christmas, they went shopping, not for themselves, but for children whom they had never met. With CASA Christmas lists in hand, they shopped on their own and even came within $0.80 of their budget! Great job, Emma and Lacey!
Thank you to all the young visionaries who are resolute in making this world a better place.