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On the Wild Side

Last Saturday Night our Executive Director, Jamie Campbell, had the surprise of her life when she went back into the CASA office to retrieve the phone she left on her desk Friday. She immediately realized something was wrong. A stack of papers had fallen to the floor and looked like something had eaten the edges. Not only that, but the electrical cords to her computer were chewed and the computer would not turn on! Horrified, Jamie looked around the rest of the CASA office finding similar situations at all her co-workers desks. She heard a noise behind her and looked to find a bunny chewing on a business card. “How did you get in here?” she asked the creature knowing that it would have no answer. She thought for a moment and realized that the CASA door was left open for about 5 minutes the other day as a generous donor brought in a smart board for CASA to use during training. The bunny must have hopped in unnoticed as everyone was outside helping.

April Fools! Ok, so there was no bunny in the CASA office, nor was there a smart board but there may have been an Easter bunny and all of our donors have been very generous. Thank you for all your wonderful support! Hoping you have a Happy Easter and a fun April Fool’s Day.