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Susan's Story

May is National Foster Care Month and is celebrated in order to recognize that we as a community can play a part in improving the lives of children and youth in foster care. At CASA, we advocate for children involved in the foster care system.

Susan was removed from her home due to abuse and neglected and placed in foster care. She was frightened and confused. Her CASA, Dawn, was there to support her during her journey, while her parent’s worked on the issues that lead to Susan’s removal. Susan’s placements changed several times, and she struggled with this. She was comforted by the fact that no matter how many times she moved she could count on Dawn to be there for her. Susan’s CASA explained what was going on in her case and advocated for her in court. Dawn’s work eventually led to locating a family member who was happy to take Susan in. Dawn also requested appropriate counseling for Susan, and connected her with additional supports like scholarships to camps, recreation, the arts, tutoring, etc.… Susan’s life changed from one of despair to one filled with possibilities and the hope for a bright future.

Our goal at CASA is to provide positive, consistent advocacy for every child we serve. Thanks to our advocates and generous supporters, we have the means to make that happen in Flathead County. Together we can ensure that every child in need of a CASA advocate has one.