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Refusing to Settle

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), Jenny, refused to let a child on her case settle for mediocrity. The young girl had been in the foster care system for several years and had experienced a number of unsuccessful placements. She was in a home that met her basic physical needs, but was void of love and support. This was the best home that this child had experienced in her lifetime, so she was going to settle for being adopted by her foster mother.

Jenny knew that this young girl needed to be in a home where she felt loved and cherished. Despite push back from multiple sources, Jenny insisted this child deserved a safe, supportive and loving home. Thanks to Jenny's persistence an excellent adoptive home was located and this girl is now thriving. 

The children in our community need someone to stand up for their rights and help them find the safe and loving home they deserve. YOU can be that someone. Donate. Advocate. Spread the word.